Lunes, Pebrero 20, 2012

Kalamay hati in Antique - Sweet Delicacies

Antique has sweet delicacies also. Better taste their pangyam now or what they call desserts...Haven't tasted kalamay hati yet? well so bad then because it is the best delicacy in the Philippines. Well you bet it, it is a laborious  delicacy but after it is a delicious reward. Kalamay hati is somewhat sticky made of of floured glutinous rice. the floured rice will be cooked through coconut milk and muscovado sugar. When it becomes thick then it is ready to serve. Peanuts, margarine, peanut butter, or vanilla can be added to the mixture for added flavors. Antique might be famous with their beautiful scenery and hospitable people but sweet delicacies of them might enthralled you. Come and visit Antique and taste their sweet delicacies!

Martes, Pebrero 7, 2012

Best Mangoes in Panay - Capiz Delicacies

The the sweetest fruit that can be found in the Philippines...Mangoes. It can be found in some part of Iloilo, Guimaras and Antique. However it is in Quimaras' Province where the sweetest Mangoes can be tasted. In the wide varieties of mangoes in the Philippines it is the mangoes in Guimaras that was certified as pest-free by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Other delicacies such as dried mangoes and jams can be best made there. The province held a festival called Manggahan Festival and offers different delicacies every May 22 to commemorate the province’s charter day. Come and visit Guiramas and taste the best mango delicacies in Panay Island!

Lunes, Enero 23, 2012

Capiz Delicacies - Aklan Chicken Inubaran

Aklan will never be left behind when it comes to capiz delicacies. One of the dishes Aklan has been proud of is their chicken inubaran. Their Chicken Inubaran was made with banana pith. It is cooked with coconut milk and slices of banana pith or commonly known as "ubad". One of the mouthwatering foods in Capiz Delicacies. However it is prepared laboriously just as expected since you have to cut down a banana tree to get the "Ubod". It will not be as delicious as it can be if the chicken is not native. Native chicken gives more convincing flavor. The considered oldest province, Aklan still offers classic Capiz Delicacies that you will never get loose of appetite with. Come and visit Aklan and taste their Chicken Inubaran...

Huwebes, Enero 19, 2012

If you haven’t known yet Bacolod City has different tasteful delicacies also. I read from the blog travelbook who already toured Bacolod, they considered the city as the haven of special food delicacies! A lot of good restaurants and caf├ęs offer special delicacies. One of that is the Panara that can be found in Silay City. When you are going to Bacolod for the first time, you can buy it from a local vendor selling early in the morning. Fresh and hot Panara just for you, true capiz delicacy!  Panara is an empanada-like fried pie that's filled with mongo sprout. Come and visit Bacolod City.

Lunes, Enero 16, 2012

CPC IT Students Contest for Capiz Delicacies

capiz delicacies

The SEO Optimization of Capiz Delicacies for CPC IT 4rth Year Students begun last year and will end in the last week of January. Now that the end of January is coming near every students became very hectic. However students enjoyed it as well. They are learning how the SEO Optimization works. The theme of the contest is Capiz Delicacies. Every students not only focuses on how to increase their page number but also produces articles with quality according to the theme. Every students searched for the best capiz delicacies around panay island. Hoping to promote the panay island for the unique delicacies that can only be tasted in capiz. Come and visit us...

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Miyerkules, Enero 11, 2012

2 Great Events in Roxas CIty

two great events were held in roxas city just last year. Because of this the tourism in Roxas City increase thus promoting the capiz delicacies. Students of ACE from all over the Philippines held their convention here in Roxas City. Players of the UNI Games also went here. It is their first time to be here and first time to experience many things that is common to Capiznon. Many were charmed by the unique moving thing, the three wheeled tricycle. And capiz delicacies can't be left behind. They taste the fresh sea foods they can only taste in Roxas City! Come and visit us, discover capiz delicacies...

Miyerkules, Enero 4, 2012

Capiz Delicacies Iloilo

capiz delicacies
Iloilo people is known for their love in cooking... one of their proud delicacies is La Paz Batchoy. Recently the Food Tinuom became popular. It it from the Cabanatuan Iloilo City. A true capiz delicacies! Because of its popularity Tinuom Festival begun. It is composed of native chicken bits, tomatoes, tanglad and chopped onions. Through the banana leaves and heated in a clay pot, a freshly cooked Tinuom is now ready to be serve. Well it taste like tinola but it is less salty! Come and taste this one of Capiz Delicacies, Iloilo's Tinuom.

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